Teeth Whitening

If you are insecure about discolored or less-than-white teeth, come to Gidel Family Dentistry for professional teeth whitening services.  Call us today and ask about the exciting discounts we have available.

What is the process?

The latest LED technology and whitening gel is used for our 50 minute in-office whitening process. Our whitening gel is a hydrogen peroxide, plant and mineral based product, proven not to have any long term negative or harmful effects on the gums, dentin or enamel. The whitening gel is safely applied to teeth and is effectively activated under an LED light. Our system has proven to yield superior results with no sensitivity when compared to other whitening systems.

What are the effects?

Teeth may brighten up to 12 shades with just 1 treatment! It is important to set the expectations of teeth whitening. Not all treatments are equally effective on all people, and not all teeth will whiten to the same degree. Teeth whitening can change a tooth’s color by several shades, meaning teeth that are more stained or discolored won’t whiten to the same degree as teeth that were whiter originally.

Follow up care after teeth whitening

The first 24 hours following your teeth whitening treatment are the most critical. Your teeth are still very porous from the whitening procedure, leaving them particularly susceptible to staining. For 24 hours, avoid any foods and drinks that will stain. Here are some tips to keep your teeth gleaming!

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Cathy Weeks

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Dr Chad & staff are amazing. They are friendly, professional and truly care about their patients. They take additional time to teach proper dental hygiene techniques. Dr. Chad is calm, reassuring and has a soft touch. I’ll never go to another dentist again!

Bear Rugger

Cosmetic Dentistry

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The staff is wonderful and always makes you feel like family. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The hygienists are amazing and make cleanings a breeze. Highly recommend!

Doug Turner

Cosmetic Dentistry

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My first visit was outstanding. Excellent staff and Dr. Gidel made me feel like I had been going there for years. Professional, and took the time to explain every step of my treatment plan. I only wish I would have choose this office years ago.